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Director's Cut

Your name is David Leatherhoff, and you're addicted to a new painkiller from a company unknown

They keep coming, and you can't stop taking them.

Lately you have started to experience illusions, dreams picking at your deepest and darkest fears.

Finally, you go to the Hospital, seeking help. First, however, you make a stop into the bathroom, where another bottle of pills awaits you, standing out like a beacon in the night in your depraved eyes.

When will it all stop?

Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut is a survival horror mod for Half-Life 1. It is an enhanced version of the original Afraid of Monsters .

Added ContentEdit

  • New monsters (No Half-Life reskin) and weapons.
  • Battery powered flashlight.
  • Improved maps and completely new ones.
  • 4 different endings and alternate routes.
  • Randomized monster spawns.
  • New H.U.D., sprites, textures, sounds, models, animations, and much more.



The Markland Hospital

The game begins with the camera roaming the lit halls of Markland Hospital, with the protagonist, David Leatherhoff, walking into a co-ed bathroom. Once inside, David immediately notices a generic bottle of painkillers, the drug he is addicted to, on the bathroom counter. After taking the pills, David passes out and awakens to an all too familiar nightmare. After roaming the twisted crevices of his mind and encountering some of his deepest fears, David finally awakens, but something is very wrong. Looking out a nearby window, the sun has long since set. Seemingly everyone has left the hospital, although many lights are still on. Upon further inspection, it becomes obvious that everyone - including all the patients - have disappeared as well. David arms himself with a kitchen knife, and sets out to investigate. While walking through the abandoned corridors, David hears disembodied footsteps and notices ominous, bloody footsteps. After entering a patient room, he spots a sleeping person hidden under the bed sheets, but decides to not disturb them. After finding a flashlight to illuminate the dark surroundings, the sound of breaking glass comes from the room of the sleeping person. He sees that the body is gone. Now, there are bloody footsteps on the floor that lead to the broken window and off a ledge with nobody below. Compelled to find out what is going on, David traverses the construction ledges of the hospital and climbs onto the roof. There the man finds a bloodstained map with directions into an accessible window. Following the directions, David wanders inside the hospital once again. Many strange happenings later, he finds a small pistol atop a bloodied medical cart and promptly requisitions it to his aid. Roaming through a dimly lit food court, David finds the basement, with a switch labeled "Power". David switches off the hospital power to progress trough an area that has electrical wires blocking the way to a button to open another door. Flashlight in hand, David retraces his steps, now wishing he didn't pull the now jammed switch, but he was obliged to anyway. Charging out of the darkness, bloodied and twitching human-like creatures attack, whom David is forced to kill.

The Twitcher

Sneaking his way through the hospital, David stumbles upon more and more of these terrifying creatures, all of whom seem like twisted versions of civilians and dehabilitated patients alike. David soon realizes that these creatures he is fighting against are the exact same ones that he has had brief nightmares about for so long, and he finds that it gets progressively harder to fight what he is scared of. After wandering blindly in the darkness, David makes it into the zombie-infested sewers.

He discovers new locations and then chased by the police during some time at which he will end up in a forest (either through driving, running away or hallucinating/murdering people in his way to the country-side's forests.)

He then is faced with a fate, and depending on the player's choice he will, respectively, be caught in a house and put under arrest (ending 1), which after will be interrogated (ending 2) and hang himself (ending 3). He can then perceive in the special ending, the truth (ending 4 a.k.a the "FORGIVE ME" ending), in which he was having a dream the whole time those strange happenings occured.

Alternate EndingsEdit

Depending on paths taken in-game, the game can end 4 different ways, 3 of which are considered "unhappy" or "bad" while the 4th is "happy" or "good".

Ending 1 - David wakes up in a house, surrounded by corpses. The monsters that he had been killing to survive were in fact innocent people. His twisted imagination (or possibly drug-induced hallucinations) had gotten the better of him. With police outside, he is soon arrested.

Ending 2 - David is shown being questioned by a police officer. He reveals he does not remember what happened during his drug-induced haze.

Ending 3 - A guard studying a newspaper that reads: "Psychotic Killer Claims Over 27 Victims". David is shown in his cell, dead, having hanged himself.

Ending 4 - After fighting his worst nightmare, drug addiction, David is shown lying on a hospital bed, showing that all this mayhem was merely a nightmare. Doctors fight to keep him alive, but he soon flatlines. A couple seconds later, David's pulse returns, he has barely survived a drug overdose. After retracing down the hospital, the camera blacks out. It says: "The End... or is it?"


Upon release, AoM:DC garnered even more praise than its other version, Afraid of Monsters (Original). Very rarely did it receive negative feedback, of which mostly had to do with the accessibility and questionable usefulness of the in-game flashlight as well as the use of cutscenes, as well as the repetitive nature of the game on some occasions.

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