Bleeding specter , otherwise known as "The Flashing Specter" or "The Face", is an enemy that appears in the original Afraid of Monsters and the Director's Cut. It is invisible to player initially, but once it attacks it reveals itself, appearing as a ghostly face with ghastly features.

Its main attack is firing eyeballs that home in on the player, and it will flash its appearance every time it fires. It is also capable of melee attacks, but will remain invisible. It is recommended to use the Desert Eagle to take it down to reduce the damage the monster can inflict on the player.


Difficulty HP Ranged Melee
Easy 150 2 2
Medium 210 4 5
Hard 350 6 10


Location City Forest Mansion Heaven/Ending 1-3
Count Few Many Very Few Very Few


  • The Specter is a modified Alien Grunt, and the eyeballs are actually hornets fired from the Hivehand (otherwise known as Bee Gun)
  • It is possible to obtain the Hivehand in the original Afraid of Monsters using impulse_101 and functions the same way as used by the Specter.