• NonchalantRaptor

    I noticed on this wikia that is specifically meant for Afraid of Monsters is chock full of Cry of Fear articles, which already have their own wikia. I would like the site admin to nuke the Cry of Fear articles from this wikia because the purpose is already served in another wikia, and bloats this site with articles irrelevant to the Afraid of Monsters game.

    It's to keep the consistency of the wikia being mainly for Afraid of Monsters content. That being said, all Afraid of Monsters articles should be edited to remove any references to Cry of Fear and other outside references references as well. Lets Players don't make the canon of the game, so don't try to edit the articles to inflate your ego of how loyal you are as a fan. It isn't funny n…

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  • Dasovietgamer

    Help me please!

    July 4, 2013 by Dasovietgamer

    Hi, I believe I've encountered a bug in the game.  It's installed (it's in my steam games list) and it runs.  The only problem is that whenever I play it it wigs out once it gets past the intro sequence (instead of playing the game I'm forced to stare at the floor with the camera spinning.) Is this something I did wrong or is it a bug?  If anyone would be willing to help it will be very much appreciated.

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  • Converse girl13

    My friend tried beating Sawer...again but its so funny. I tried helping him but he's so stubborn,but he's gonna play sawer until the monsters dead so.....its gonna take a while.

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  • Converse girl13

    random blog

    June 18, 2012 by Converse girl13

    So i was playing cry of fear the beginning of the game when i was taking pictures and nobody told me that there would be a head popping out! It scared me that i didnt want to play the game that night! But 2 days later i got to park and i died by those bed monsters and shooters! So right now im still in the park.

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  • Theevina

    What this wiki needs

    April 26, 2012 by Theevina

    On the weapon pages, there should be a table of how much damage it deals in each mode (easy, medium, hard, nightmare) and on the monster pages there should be a table of how much health they have for each of those modes. This information can be found in skill.cfg in the Cry of Fear folder. I'm too lazy to do it myself and I don't know who's the admin to contact, but I think it would be useful.

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  • Jonnyboy8


    September 27, 2010 by Jonnyboy8

    Nice wiki you have here :) i really like it ^^

    Keep it up! :D "and don't let it die ;)"

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