The Children are monsters that appear in Cry of Fear. In terms of appearance, they look like the bloated, rotting corpses of small children wielding a knife in each hand. Instead of clothes, they wear a garment made of garbage bags and duct tape. This monster is first encountered in the apartment complex in a room filled with garbage bags. These bags are most likely filled with the corpses of children. The Children are very similar to the Twitcher in terms of combat in that they are fast moving melee enemies. They attack by running towards Simon and then hitting him with a two hit combo from their knives once they get within attacking range. They are a significantly smaller target than the twitcher and their means of attack as well as the considerably quicker rate at which they attack makes it dangerous if not outright deadly when cornered by one. If you have plenty of ammo, it is recommended that you take one out at range. If you have to resort to melee weapon, the best way to deal with them is to try to keep them in the most open area readily available, moving in for a quick hit or two, then quick dodging away before they can counter attack.