Cut Content (Cry of Fear)Edit

Some of the content from Cry of Fear was cut before release. This page will list as much as possible of all the cut content reported.

List of Cut Weapons and ItemsEdit

Inside the game's files, there are multiple models of weapons, some of which are unused. Here are the list of weapons and items that can be found inside the files:

Radio  (Located in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Cry of Fear\cryoffear\models\weapons\radio).

Possible used in the beginning of the game.

Sledgeshovel (Located in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Cry of Fear\cryoffear\models\weapons).

Possible used in the Forest. It uses the Sledgehammer's animation, hence the name.

Bulletproof vestEdit


This was a picture released by ruMple of what the bullet proof vest would have looked like.

A bulletproof vest was supposed to exist as an unlockable, but was cut for unknown reasons. When equipped, Simon would take less damage from enemies, which would have been useful for the higher difficulties. The only drawback is that Simon's stamina would be drained quicker, and the vest also would take up one inventory space.

Watro bossfightEdit

One can guess that this creature was meant to be fought more directly in the original version of Cry of Fear, having several unused animations of basic attacks and of it submerging itself back into its pit and then resurfacing in a fashion similar to the Tentacle from Half-Life. The presence of a fully finished theme song for the Watro that was never used also hints to the creature having originally been planned to be confronted as a boss. The watro was also supposed to be seen "assimilating" twitchers and expanding across the city.

Tarus Edit

The Tarus is an unused weapon that was going to be added as the first weapon retreiveable, it is mainly based off of the original pistol from Afraid of Monsters, and has no reload animations aswell.  The contents were entirely stripped from the mod and the weapon was trashed, the only thing that remains is a backpack icon.  The map is an unfinished part of the apartment level, the second level in the game.  This weapon is not to be confused with the Tarus .357 Magnum


An early stage in game screenshot of the Tarus pistol, later replaced with the Glock.

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