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David Leatherhoff

David Leatherhoff is the main character of Afraid of Monsters and the Director's Cut. After receiving bottle after bottle of an unknown drug from an anonymous source to help with his nightmares, he finally decided to seek help at the local hospital. After wandering into the bathroom, David finds yet another bottle of the drug before him. Unable to control himself, he takes the pills. Soon after, David passes out and delves into a nightmare, yet this time he notices that they are much, much worse. Some time later, David awakens to a now abandoned hospital, everyone has disappeared.

David Leatherhoffs Model in AoM

David soon discovers that his nightmares aren't in his head anymore, they are now real. David then fights to survive against the horrifying horde of monsters.

The Outcome - SPOILERS

Depending on paths and choices taken in the game, the player can have a total of four endings (Director's cut only with the exception of the Original Ending).

  • Ending 1 - David wakes up in a house, surrounded by dead bodies covered in blood. The monsters that he had been killing to survive were in fact innocent people. With police outside, he is soon arrested and put in the prison.
  • Ending 2 - David is shown being questioned by a police officer. He reveals he does not remember what happened during his drug-induced hallucination.
  • Ending 3 - A person reads a newspaper that reads: " Killer Claims Over 20 lives". David is shown in his cell, dead, having hanged himself.
  • Ending 4 - After fighting his worst nightmare, The Addiction, David is shown lying on a hospital bed, dead. The doctors fight to keep him alive, but he soon falls dead. A couple of seconds later, David's pulse returns. He had barely survived a drug overdose.

After tracking down the hospital, the camera blacks out. It says: "The End, or is it?".


  • Hauntedhouse20000

    David Leatherhoff's Source model as seen in the bonus map of Grey.

    In the original ending, David has actually been unconscious in the bathroom of the hospital for the entire time due to a drug-overdose. A group of doctors find him and attempt to save him, but they are too late and David dies of a stroke.
  • David Leatherhoff uses a heavily modified model of Gordon Freeman from the original Half Life.
  • In the hidden fifth ending of Cry of Fear, David accidentally drives into Simon (the protagonist of Cry of Fear) and cripples him.
  • David Leatherhoff's body also appears in the Bonus Map of the HL2:EP2 horror mod, Grey.
  • Many people wondered what EA 45 on David's hoodie is supposed to mean, so in one of "The making of Afraid of Monsters" videos, Andreas revealed that it actually means "Emma + Andreas Forever" (number 5 is supposed to be a fifth letter in the alphabet - E).