Officially known as "Drowned and Hanged" the monster appears to resemble a water-logged girl wrapped in a trashbag and duct tape. She bears the same model as the Crazyrunner, a monster that attacks directly like most others, alongside the ability to lend an overwhelming suicidal desire to Simon. She can be found in chapters 1 and 4.


Once seen, she will just float slowly to Simon, while not looking dangerous. However, if Simon gets too close, a fetus in her stomach will pop out and start to slash at him with a knife. If Simon does not get close, and is armed with a gun, she will induce Simon into a horrified state in which he will force the gun to his head and kill himself should the player not tap MOUSE1. She makes strange high pitched noises while she floats. She does not appear to do anything except float and wait for Simon.