Stephano figurine


"Stephano!? What the fuck PewDiePie!"

During the subway nightmare, one can run into a door which is in the ceiling to find a table with a golden figurine on it, and a syringe. If the player presses the "use" key on the figurine Simon will say "Stephano!? What the fuck PewDiePie!" referencing the popular YouTuber PewDiePie, then the wall will break and a handcrab will attack. Stephano is Pewdiepie's inanimate friend during his time in Amnesia, and he pops up regularly.

− − As of version 1.6 (standalone release) this Easter Egg has been completely deleted.

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David Leatherhoff´s axe

− If the player leaves the package in the mailbox, they will, instead of fighting some variant of Simon, go to an area from Afraid of Monsters. There the player can find the code-room, and get the axe. The code for the door is 26-16-4-27-49-2-32-45-12-23.

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Glada Simons café

− In the college, there is a cafeteria named Gla´a Simons café, which translates to "Happy Simon´s café", which is ironic seeing as the real Simon is deeply depressed.

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Joe Biden cube

Joe Biden Easter Egg in Cry of Fear!

Joe Biden Easter Egg in Cry of Fear!

When playing co-op in the city area leading towards the park, the players can break down a wooden board that is located near an M16 spawn with a blue van on the right, and a Bnova store behind them, and inside the small opening is a rotating cube with Joe Biden's face on it, also if the players touch it they will be instantly killed. Joe Biden was the previous vice president of the United States and has somewhat gained fame in the Cry of Fear community.

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Joe Biden boss fight

− In singleplayer before Simon fights the carcass, if the player inputs the command "sv_joebiden 1" into the console they will fight an invisible carcass, although the projectiles it fires will be Joe Biden cubes.

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Down with the sickness

− To achieve this easter egg the player must get the 5th ending and then before entering Simon's house, type cl_downwiththesickness 1 into the console. Later when the player activates the button and gets ambushed by the twitcher mob, the song "Down with the Sickness" by Disturbed will play in the background.

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Depressed Simon

− To get this easter egg you need to unlock the secret package first by getting ending 4. Once you have done this start a new game, and take the secret package from the secret room, and continue through the game as normal. Once you get inside the TL trading building, use the secret package on one of the doors on the top floor, and the door will be unlocked, but the secret package will be gone though. If you head inside you will find a small completely black room with a bench. Simon will be sitting on the bench with his hands on his eyes, and will not react to anything. The model used is the same one from the very first nightmare sequence in the game where he punches a mirror.

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Sick Simon Chapter 4

In Chapter 4, during the beginning of the Nightmare Sequence you'll hear some rasping noise. Go through the yellow doors you just came through to be in a dark barred room with Sick Simon across from you. He is writing in his book frantically, to the point of spasming. You can't harm him in anyway.
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Sick Simon writing in his diary.

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Smoking Kills

− In the construction site area, after you acquire the lighter, search the table next to the dead man who killed himself with a shotgun. On that table there are cigarettes in a ash tray, use the lighter on it and a cut scene will start. It shows Simon smoking while leaning against the wall next the the dead guy. This easter egg is called "Smoking Kills" because it imply's that the man was smoking just before he died. This is a lesser known easter egg.

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Simon smoking

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− Whenever the cell phone is accessible, and the player chooses to have Simon make a call, if the player dials the number 112 in, a chainsaw and screams will be heard. The same thing happen when you dial the emergency number 911.