These are all the endings to Cry of Fear from worst to best (not including the secret ending).

Ending 1 - Arguably the worst ending, with Simon killing himself and murdering Sophie and Doctor Purnell, as well as developing a deep hatred for the world.

Ending 2 and Ending 3 - Simon commits suicide and murders either Sophie or Docter Purnell, but acknowledges the person he spared for their help.

Bad Survival Mode Ending - Simon commits suicide, but doesn't murder anyone.

Doctor Mode Ending - Simon is saved from commiting suicide since Book Simon can't kill him due to him being dead although Simon is still depressed and his state is still existant.

Ending Four- Simon overcomes his evil self and doesn't kill himself, but accidently kills two cops in the midst of his psychosis.

Good Survival Mode Ending - Similar to Ending Four, but Simon doesn't kill the Cops.

Co-op Ending - Simon isn't crippled and begins a relationship with Sophie.