The hammer is the second melee weapon found on Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut. It is very powerful compared to the knife, killing a Twitcher in two blows, but it has a very slow swing speed thus sacrificing speed to damage. Sometimes a crushing blow will gib the enemies (verified with Twitchers in the Subway level after darkalley). The hammer can be found in the sewers next to a pipe with a working valve, where a Twitcher will blast through a gate and attack the player, the hammer can be found lying in a corner where the Twitcher was camping. It can also gib the Handcrab fairly easily if it has taken enough damage (such as shooting it with the pistol and finishing it off with a hammer blow will insta-gib the monster, verified). The gibbing will only occur in Easy mode, and rarely if ever in Normal and Difficult.

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