The health system in Cry of Fear is completely different from the standard Half-Life one. Health is no longer measured in numbers, instead there's a vertical bar. When Simon's health is at a critical level he will start to groan and whimper expressing his pain and agony, also Simon's movement speed will decrease due to him staggering because of his wounds. Simon's maximum health will be decreased at some point in CoF.


The only way to replenish your health in Cry of fear is by Morphine syringes. Upon using one Simon will pull down his sleeve and inject the morphine into his arm followed by a sigh of relief. If too many syringes are injected, Simon will experience vision blur.

With morphine being the one and only way to heal yourself, it would be smart to try to conserve said syringes until the need to restore health becomes absolutely vital. When used, the player will regain around nine-tenths of their maximum health.

Depending on what difficulty level the player is on, syringes will only heal so much.

  • Easy - Syringes will heal 100% of Simon's health.
  • Normal - Syringes will heal 80% of Simon's health.
  • Difficult - Syringes will heal 60% of Simons's health
  • Nightmare - Syringes will heal 50% of Simon's health


Simon, injecting himself with morphine. Notice the cuts and slits on his wrists.


The syringe in use notice the new health and stamina bars

Blurred effect

The blurred effect when you take too much morphine.


When a boss deals the killing blow to Simon a cutscene will play showing Simon's death in a gruesome way. For example in one of the very early trailers Simon can be see getting cut in half by a deformed monster with a chainsaw and in another trailer a monster can be seen pouncing on him presumably killing him. After the death sequence, the player will be able to reload a previous save file.


Stamina is also present in Cry of fear. It consists of a blue bar next to Simon's health and will lower as Simon sprints or dodges to escape from enemies and jumps to clear gaps or walls. When Simon is not dodging, sprinting or jumping, the stamina bar will fill back up. Your stamina fills up faster when you are crouched. You can also use morphine syringes to rapidly regain stamina, but with the syringe being the only method to regain health and the uncommon rate at which the player finds them, using them with the intent to regain stamina is not advised. Also be sure to take care when sprinting as exhausting Simon will cause him to slow down, which allows enemies to catch up to him very easily. The stamina bar will also fill up slower if Simon is exhausted accompanied by the sounds of Simon gasping as he tries to get his breath back.