The first set of nightmarish hallways.


Another Section


David makes his way through another demented portion of heaven featuring the Forest Twitchers

Heaven is a location in Afraid of Monsters and Cry of Fear. It is reached at the end of AoM by David at the bottom of the fire place after he has activated a switch in another house. It is characterized by it's walls, floors, and ceilings most of which are made up of "living" wooden planks with clearly visible veins pumping blood through them.


Besides the blood pumping wooden planks another common characteristic is the metal grating on the floor and the fluorescent lights which appear to be either upside down on the ground or hanging by single wires from the ceiling. There are also many areas with bottomless pits and blackness surrounding them where in the player must make it through a couple of tricky platforming sections in order to progress. Enemies include the Invisible Twitchers, Launcher Ghosts, Bleeding Spectres and Wheelchair Twitchers. In some areas, the blood curdling, crackling wail of an unseen monstrosity can be heard in the distance.

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