The inventory system

The inventory system in Cry of fear limits Simon to only being able to carry few items. This is made in order to increase realism and survival-horror feeling.

The InventoryEdit

Simon carries a messenger bag, which he loses in the beginning of Chapter 6. The bag can carry three items. His pockets can also only hold three items, leading up to a total of six items he can carry.

Some players choose to drop items such as the switchblade later on in the game as other melee weapons such as the baton can make this weapon obsolete.

As well as weapons and the phone, required items such as keys or morphine (used to restore health and stamina) also require a place in the player's inventory so it is advised to utilise the inventory to its best potential and only carry equipment the player deems vital to his/her survival.

Inventory OptionsEdit

While accessing the inventory, a number of options are available. While accessed, Simon is still vulnerable to enemies in-game.

  • Equip/ Use - This option is used for equiping weapons or using key objects needed to progress.
  • Combine - This option is used for mixing or joining two objects together to make a complete object.
  • Drop - This option is used to drop items to make space or discard unneeded weapons/ syringes.
  • Dual wield - This option is to dual wield items together, such as the Cellphone and the Glock in either hand, etc. In order to duel wield, click the duel wield option then two items of choice from Simon's pockets or bag (Not the Quick Select.) Alternatively, items assigned to the Quick Select can be duel wielded by pressing the appropriate buttons in quick succession. If items cannot be duel wield, a notification will appear.
  • Notes - This option can be used to read over various letters and notes found throughout the game.
  • Quick Select - This option is used so that items can be assigned to the 1, 2, and 3 numeric keys. It will allow him to quickly duel wield items, such as his Knife and Cellphone, as well as select an item individually, such as the Glock, which Simon needs both hands to reload. To assign an item, click a slot within the Quick Select, then an object from Simon's Pockets or Bag. Items will be individually selected when a key is pressed, but can also be duel wielded if two keys are pressed in quick succession. The player will be notified if Simon cannot duel wield specific items. Quick Select is important, because accessing the inventory menu in-game leaves Simon vulnerable, and is a great asset when fighting bosses or multiple enemies.


  • On Simon's bag are the names of bands such as Kult which are a rock band formed in Poland in 1982. Also on the bag is the band Megadeth, which is a heavy metal band formed in 1983 by the guitarist/vocalist Dave Mustaine.
  • Another thing on his bag is an ancient symbol called the Triquetra Reiki which has all sorts of historical background. It's often used to represent people of three concepts.
  • The band names on Simon's bag may pertain to his personal music taste.
  • Both the bag and pockets are able to carry objects clearly larger than either of them, or end up filled with objects that should leave them with room, as no matter the size of the item, it always takes up one space. Like many other game inventories, this is purely for gameplay mechanics over realism.