The mobile phone.

There are numerous items that aid Simon through his journey. This page will list all of them.

Mobile PhoneEdit

Simon's phone acts as a flashlight with moderate shining power. It is also used to receive calls and text messages from various people. Eventually the phone runs out of power, and is unusable until Simon finds another battery for it. Simon loses it later in the game. The phone is modelled after the Sony Ericsson W610i.

Later on, pushing Z will allow Simon to make phone calls with it.

After dialing 911 or 112 the phone will be answered and screams can be heard. You can only do this ONCE PER GAME dialing 911 will make 911 and 112 no longer be answered and vice versa.


Simon uses these in the subway. When they burn, they emit a bright light used to illuminate the surroundings. They can be held while walking/dual wielding, or they can be thrown to light up an area in front of Simon. The flare's living time depends on the difficulty level. Lit flares will have to be thrown to climb ladders, and once thrown, cannot be picked up.

The flares ignited

  • Easy - They last for 120 seconds.
  • Medium - They last for 90 seconds.
  • Difficult - They last for 60 seconds.
  • Nightmare - They last for 30 seconds.


The lantern is used by Simon outside and in a building resembling an asylum. It can be dropped on the ground and will illuminate the area.

Simon lights his way with the lantern

Tactical LightEdit

The tactical light can be combined with the Glock 19. It's shining power is the best in terms of flashlights. Combining the pistol with the tactical light eliminates the need to dual wield it with the phone, but also limits the player to using the glock by itself if they wish to use the tactical light at all.
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The glock with tactical light.


Unlocked in new games after finishing Doctor mode, it takes no space in the inventory and has a built-in nightvision mode that has infinite battery power, it's only drawback being that it muffles sound allowing enemies to sneak up on you easier. It can be found in the Secret Rooms.