The Psycho is monster faced in Cry of Fear, appearing in the asylum. This monster will frequently hide in dark corners and wait for Simon to pass by before rushing out from the darkness with an axe held over its head, screaming loudly to terrify the player. The Psycho wears some form of bucket shaped mask around its head that appears to be made from paper, a long beak protruding from the front that likely represents a bird.

The Psycho's melee attacks are incredibly difficult to dodge (possibly being the second fastest-attacking monster in the game, first being faceless2), and it is not recommended to use melee on a Psycho at all. Guns are more effective.

When killed, a Psycho's axe cannot be picked up. The Psycho could represent Simon's reckless habit of attacking rentlessly as well as Simon's madness. If one looks closely the Psycho wears the same clothes as the suicider.

Fan dressed as a Cry of Fear enemy01:38

Fan dressed as a Cry of Fear enemy

A video of a fan dressed as a Psycho ordering some McDonalds

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