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Spear found during the final boss fight.

The spear is a melee weapon, found on the map: "4mother", and is the only weapon capable of damaging The Addiction. Any other attempt to hurt The Addiction while using other weapons will result in you taking damage. The weapon has a glitched HUD appearance and it looks like you're holding a knife, (same with the knife model too), and has no animation in third person mode. The spear is a unique melee weapon because it can hit enemies further than other melee weapons. Any time the spear targets enemies or walls, etc, you cannot move or change weapons while it is in the process of activation. If you use it mid air while jumping and the spear hits a wall, you will stop for a while in midair, making it useful to avoid enemies. The damage is lower than the hammer or the axe.

Don't do the midair stab trick on The Addiction because The Addiction will hit you when you are in the air with the spear. Unfortunately, the only way to obtain it is to go to the "4mother" map, or the console command "give weapon_Spear". The "S" in "Spear" MUST ALWAYS BE CAPITALIZED for this to work. Take note when fighting The Addiction to not use the spear in water as you will be electrocuted and a result take medium damage.