Twitcher 2

One of the rare civilian twitcher variants

d and recoded zombies from the mod, They Hunger, as stated by the developer, Andreas Rönnberg[1].


There are a few variations of twitchers seen throughout the entire game (some of them appear only in Director's Cut):





The most common variation seen throughout the entire game, also has many different looks.

  • Entire Game


Another common variation, which is like the civilian but will attack the player in a crouching manner, also has many variations.

  • The Entire Game


An uncommon variation, which can be easily identified by their white coats.

  • Hospital
  • A very few parts of the City
  • Heaven

Construction Worker

An uncommon variation which can be identified by their hard hats.

  • One of hospital areas
  • City
  • One of forest areas


An uncommon variant that wears a trashbag on its head, it first appears as an hallucination, then as an enemy.

  • City (Alleyway)

Female Twitcher

The rarest Twitcher variant in the game, only encountered twice and hard to describe due to it's smashed face.

  • City


Appears only in the Director's Cut version, it looks like a civilian Twitcher but crawls with its arms and attacks with projectiles. It can also do a melee attack.

  • Hospital
  • Some parts of the City
  • Some parts of the Forest
  • Mansion
  • Heaven

Wheelchair Twitcher

A variant infamous for its rather intimidating appearance and manner of attacking. It makes a unique squeaking sound when moving and has very slow speed. Appears only in Director's Cut.

  • Hospital
  • Some parts of the City
  • Forest
  • Heaven Stage/ Ending 1-3

Neck - Bone

A horrifying variant, due to its appearance of having no head and it's neck bone slipping out.

  • City
  • Forest

Invisible Twitcher

Another rare variation, self-described, will only be encountered twice and makes a characteristic noise. The flashlight also follows its movements.

  • Mansion

Transparent Twitcher

An uncommon variation, it’s not fully opaque, most appear to be civilians and crouchers.

  • City (alternate route)
  • Heaven

Forest Twitcher

Shirtless, pale and has a horrifying look, this variation will often come in groups in attempt to swarm the player.

  • Forest
  • One of Mansion areas
  • Heaven

Twitcher Faces

Similar to the Invisible Twitcher, but only has a visible face. Encountered in forest, if player takes alternate route in the city. 

  • Forest (Apartment Route)

David Leatherhoff/ The Addiction

The true boss of the game, is David's own manifestation of his Addiction. Can only be hurt by the spear.

  • Fourth Ending/4mother


  • Andreas Rönnberg (ruMpel) has stated in a Developer Commentary that a common misconception in the game is that the twitchers are zombies, which they are not.
  • Forest twitchers (and also shirtless bag-head corpses encountered a few times in the game) are actually slightly modified model of the VALVe guy from scrapped Half-Life intro on game's engine.
  • Some twitcher models in Director's Cut have different design from twitcher models in original version of the mod.



One of the rare civilian twitcher variants.


The Bag-head, appearing as a hallucination

Female Twitcher...

Female Twitcher

Spitter Twitcher


You're Fucked...

Twitchers ambushing player in the subway.

Twitcher (close-up)

A one of common civilian twitcher variants.

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