These are the earliest and most common enemy Simon can encounter in Cry of Fear; coming in three entirely aesthetic color variants--red sweater, navy jumper, and green-striped shirt wearers. The former two have red, almost ovine eyes, while the latter have blank, white ones.

Slower Twitchers, despite their namesake, are not particularly slow; they vary between an erratic limping shuffle and a maddened, flailing dash with their head raised at the player from motion to motion--sometimes catching against objects in the environment to shuffle wildly, seemingly oblivious. When they do close the distance, they will swing their hammer out from right to left, or upward several times--and while they are not the strongest foes, they are the most oft encountered early, while Simon is armed with only a knife--making them particularly threatening in harder difficulty modes.

The Slower Twitcher is notable for its spasmodically moving head, which makes aiming for head shots difficult. It's advisable for players to dispatch them with body shots, or melee, while keeping mindful of their surroundings to avoid being backed into a corner. Early on, cockfighting is the only option.

When Simon initially deals damage to a Slower Twitcher, it will flinch back. This only seems to ever occur once per Slower Twitcher. This offers the player the opportunity to make between three to four 'safe' knife stabs, while the Twitcher recoils. Players on Hard and Nightmare difficulties should learn to exploit this behavior early, in order to reduce the damage they take from the first few encounters with these foes.

Slower Twitchers exhibit a behavior where they will enter an attack stance--when approached in this stance, they can very quickly retort with additional attacks, and get in hits even if you dodge backwards. Their animation will change to them holding out their hammer or 'fucking' (entirely cosmetic) when they do so. Avoid knifing them in the few seconds after you've provoked them to attack, or Simon will likely take a hit or two.

They are proceeded by their stronger, but stiller brethren, the Slower3's, who do not move their heads, but have more hp and deal more damage--as well as the Children and Fasters, who are more prevalent and mobile.

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