Wheelchair man

The Wheelchair Twitcher is one of the rare and unique forms of Twitchers. It's only form of attack is to spew blood in all directions when in close contact with the player. It makes a screeching noise while moving, most likely caused by the rusty wheels of the wheelchair. It usually lurks in dark or slightly illuminated areas. When it dies, it slouches forward while still sitting in the wheelchair.

Even for more amateur players, the Wheelchair Twitcher can easily be handled even with melee weapons as the foe will not attack unless the player remains within the twitcher's range for a moderately short amount of time, meaning short pulses in and out of the Twitcher's range can allow the player to damage the Twitcher with a melee weapon before the Twitcher fires off an attack.

The wheelchair portion of the model was re-used to serve as Simon's wheelchair in Cry of Fear. Simon's Wheelchair also uses the same textures.
Stanley and Sick Simon Wheelchair

Sick Simon and the Wheelchair Twitcher. The two use the same model and texture for the wheelchair.